Motor assistance.
Digital for real.

Our goal is to reinvent vehicle assistance (really digital!) by integrating roadside assistance, repair and maintenance services. Through integrated digital solutions we provide real-time information to drivers and business partners for the benefit of a unique customer experience and at competitive costs.

Network point
4.8 /5
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20 %
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38 min
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Digital roadside assistance

We have "digitized" all the processes that allow us to provide roadside assistance services to make them accessible through a self-service option. This self-service option ranges from repairs at the scene of the breakdown, to emergency charging of EV vehicles on-site, to roadside assistance for all types of vehicles - motorcycles, cars, vans, and heavy vehicles. We also ensure that If the driver is in trouble and unable to request assistance digitally, our digital monitoring agents are operational 24/7 and ready to help at any time.

Vehicle repair and maintenance services

Thanks to our distribution network, we offer mechanical, bodywork, tire repair and replacement services and much more to solve all the problems that prevent the driver from continuing their journey. We have digitized (for real!) the repair and maintenance processes to allow our business partners to take advantage of our repair network - certified by Quattroruote - and manage the problems of the vehicles entrusted to their customers in a simple way and taking into consideration all costs.

Services to continue your journey

The moment in which a vehicle breaks down is always complicated, however we have thought of a range of services to make it easier to manage (for real!): from the rental of a replacement vehicle to sharing mobility; from the taxi to return to your destination, to booking a hotel or booking alternative means to reach your destination, etc. We provide all the necessary help to allow the driver to continue their journey.

Real-time monitoring of provided services

Through the hlpy platform, our business partners can view, in real-time, all the information relating to a case being managed by our network, whether it is a rescue or a repair. The hlpy business partners thus have direct access to operational information, photographic and video reports (even with shots from the drone - when the service is available), costs and execution times, which can be integrated into their core systems.

Markets we operate in
Fleet and Rental
Auto Manufacturers
Dealerships and Aftermarket